EMI/NEVE Custom QUAD. Custom design for EMI Records built in 1974. This console was formerly located at The Great Linford Manor, and is the largest working EMI/NEVE in the world. It offers 56 Flying Fader equipped input channels, 48 of which have 1064 Class A EQ's. The last 8 channels with 4 band 1093 EQ's are located in the center on the desk and can be used as group channels. All Input channels can be assigned to output to any other channel, group or monitor bus via the 1975 routing modules. There are 8 effect sends with 2076 EQ's and 12 Flying Fader equipped effect returns, and 24 monitor returns with EQ. This console can route 92 inputs (80 with NEVE EQ) to the four-track bus. It has very sophisticated routing options, and has been described as an 8078 on steroids.